BCS: King of the South Countdown, 6 Days until Kickoff

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Like any other heavyweight bout, we need to have a weigh in. Taking a minute to measure up both LSU and Alabama as we near the big Monday night showdown. Heading into the November 5th showdown, it was well documented just how similar these two teams were, but what happened to them afterwards? Also, how did the two compare against similar SEC opponents. Well, let’s take a look.

Using both schools athletic websites and ncaa.org for stats; look below at the charts that compare both teams offenses, defenses, special teams and efficiencies. Afterward, I will educate new readers to the average yard offensive efficiency metric that I use to show how well a team moves the ball on offense. If you are a numbers fan, you’re welcome. If you’re not…I’m sorry, it is still worth reading.

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