Thoughts From a Semi-Angry LSU Fan

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It's okay, the games over.

I  had nearly 24-hours to recover from the murder of the LSU football team last night. I needed some time to heal. I talked about the game with friends, read message boards and even listened to local sports talk radio to help me through the rough day. I am now in a place where I can discuss the game rationally and with little anger. It also helps that I got my Jordan Jefferson rant out of the way, read previous article, so I will limit the discussion on him.

LSU was outplayed, outcoached, flat, and unprepared. I could end the wrap up with that sentence and that would say it all, but I won’t. The game proved that no matter how much swagger a team has, a better prepared team will always win. Alabama learned its lesson on November 5th on what not to do against LSU. They took advantage of LSU’s aggressiveness on defense, faking the run to one side of the field then completing short throws to the other side. Nick Saban saw a weakness with the LSU linebackers in pass coverage, and exploited it early and often. Alabama was extremely balanced on first down play calls last game. Last night, they threw on first down 75 percent of the time. LSU should have picked up on this change, but they were too worried about the running game, allowing Alabama to walk the ball down the field repeatedly. Because of the success in the passing game for Alabama, they wore down the deep LSU defense by running over 80 plays. LSU’s defense played good keeping the score to a minimum, but did not play great like they needed to.

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