2011 Chickens Come Home To Roost: Quarterback Gunner Kiel Bails On LSU

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I’m curious… Just how many of you didn’t see this coming? I did, I knew it that night, the night the LSU Tigers lost to Alabama in one of the worst season-enders in school history.

The handwriting was already on the wall; this guy had commitment issues from the word go. Sure, I was glad to get him like everyone else, but Gunner never was truly committed to LSU in his mind, he just showed up for the glory.

Nobody at LSU felt sorry for the Indiana Hoosiers when Gunner “wrung one off” in them, and I imagine that the Notre Dame fans are laughing their azzes off at us now.

All I did was shake my head Monday when Kiel didn’t show up at LSU; there was no way in hell I was surprised. I could well imagine the scene at LSU and envisioned bloodhounds being dispatched from the locker room to look for him, after a quick sniff of his high school jersey.

I don’t know how you guys feel about the situation, although there’s no doubt you all saw Kiel as the savior for our 2012 season. Me? I have mixed emotions, yes he was just what the doctor ordered, or was he? Do we really want someone leading our team who is not fully committed in his mind and his heart?

I do have one word of warning for the Notre Dame coeds however, don’t get to exited if Gunner asks you to the prom. He’ll probably dump you and three more girls before the band starts playing.

All I have to say to this chump is “Good riddance”, we don’t need his kind at LSU, we need players we can depend on.

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