LSU Football, Day Two of the Buzzies

After a very exciting day one of the Buzzies, it is time for day two. Remember these awards are only for LSU seniors.

Player will have a better NFL career than college award:

And the winner is…Brandon Taylor

This might be one of the biggest surprises of the year, but hear me out. Taylor was a forgotten man in a deep and Talented LSU secondary. Most fans and media gave their attention to standout players like Mo Claiborne, Honey Badger and Eric Reid, but Taylor was leader of that group. Taylor finished the year third on the team in tackles with 71 and had 7.5 tackles for loss. He could play the pass as good as the run, and will be a late round steal for any NFL club.

Most likely to write a tell-all book about the 2011 season:

And the winner is…Will Blackwell

Many candidates were considered for the award. Jarrett Lee and T-Bob Hebert were the club house leaders for most of the season, but Blackwell took over the lead following the Alabama game. Blackwell was the first player to go on the record saying Jarrett Lee should have played. He also wasn’t afraid to bite back at some of the classless Alabama fans on twitter. Due to that I can see Blackwell in three to five years putting pen to paper and writing a classic. I would expect Lee to write the forward.

The Demetrius Hookfin/ Danny McCray Award:

And the winner is…Karnell Hatcher

There is a special place in my heart when I think about Hookfin and McCray. Never has two players stunk so bad an award was made to commemorate them. These two players weren’t bad, they were horrible. They were so bad that when they missed a tackle or let a receiver get wide open, I didn’t get mad. I just said, “Oh that was McCray or Hookfin.” I expected them to be bad every game. And no player personalized this description better than Hatcher.

Karnell moved down from safety to play linebacker for the Tigers. He could not cover anyone in the passing game, but was adequate against the fun. Surely, John Chavis could have hide him in the middle of the field, right? Not even Bill Belichick could help Hatcher. My Memories of Hatcher is him getting ran over time and time again by Trent Richardson, or Brad Smelly making easy catches on Hatcher; that was just one game. Hatcher is not on the same level as the two players the award is named after, but he celebrates the spirit of it.

Most Likely To Create A New Sports Phrase:

And the winner is…Jordan Jefferson

Anytime a quarterback makes a bad play, the phrase “He pulled a Jefferson” should immediately come out of your mouth. This phrase can cross sports boundaries. If a basketball player fails to cross half court, the phrase will play. If a baseball player slides into a base and “allegedly” kicks a player is the head…the phrase works. After a bad game, a player says he played well…you see where I am going. Jefferson’s legacy will go way beyond the field of Tiger Stadium and become the laughing stock of poor play.

 Another case of “Pulling a Jefferson”.




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