September 8, 2012; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; A general view prior to kickoff of a game between the LSU Tigers and the Washington Huskies at Tiger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Johnson Calls out LSU Fans for Lack of Support

This image shows an empty Tiger Stadium before a game last year, but if you ask LSU defensive tackle, Anthony Johnson he may think it is from the recent game between the Florida Gators.

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During the opening moments of the telecast on CBS the play-by-play man Verne Lundquist and color analyst Gary Danielson noted the empty seats in the stadium and later the lack of noise coming from the fans. Those same observations were noted by some media members who cover LSU in print and on television.

The reaction of the LSU fans on social media ranged from calling the media members out for ratting out LSU to making excuses for the heat (it was in the high 80′s at game time) to anger over the fans with tickets not supporting their team as passionately as those passionately cheering them on at home were.

I definitely understand the last part because it’s awfully frustrating not being able to afford tickets or physically travel to the stadium, so seeing others not appreciate every home game is disappointing.

It was easier to understand why the home crowd at Tiger Stadium, which is the best stadium in college football, wasn’t roaring for games against Kent State or during a monsoon vs. Auburn, but a game against Florida should have been an insane environment.

I’m not buying the head as a valid reason for the lack of noise or empty seats. It was in the mid-high 80′s, it’s not like it was in the mid-high 90′s but yes the east side can get nasty with the sun beating down on you. But you only get seven Saturday’s at home a year, so cherish those days. Wear a hat, drink a lot of water and blast the air conditioning for the drive home.

Tiger Stadium is famous for their intimidating and off-the-charts atmosphere during night games and with the negative publicity the home crowd has been getting this year I’m hopeful the student section in particular and the rest of the great LSU fans bring it for the Nov. 23 game vs. Texas A&M as Johnson is hoping

But I wonder how the sparse the crowd will look for the home game vs. Furman in two weeks.

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  • dgb

    I got in the line at the gate 30 mins. before kickoff and barely made it in to see kickoff. LOTS of people behind me waiting to get in. Maybe LSU needs more ticket scanners to speed the process? Nobody wants to stand in line for a long period of time in that
    heat. I figure some people got tired of waiting and went back to their tailgates to watch on TV.

    • Patrick Schmidt

      Thanks for your comment. I heard from a couple people via social media that the traffic situation is their biggest problem, so that would explain the empty seats noticed by the broadcast team at the start of the game. Also the traffic, parking and reduced number of entrances could be a deterrent. Joe Alleva addressed that matter in this letter you may find interesting.

      • John Stoddart

        While in the stands of the student section I was cheering my heart out but when I looked behind about half of the people were standing, half of those people weren’t even cheering, and to top it off the guy sitting next to me even fell asleep for about a quarter and a half. I mean I remember the South Carolina game last season I couldn’t even hear myself think it was so loud. It was like the crowd was watching LSU v Furman instead of Florida. Student Section needs to get it together.

        • Patrick Schmidt

          Who falls asleep at a football game?!?! That’s kinda embarrassing. Was he sober? This is a problem shared by a number of schools around the country, with apathetic student sections who would rather tailgate and party outside than actually watch the game. I hope it’s not a sign of the times. I mean there are 6-8 home games a year, so spending the time outside socializing and tailgating can happen before and after the game and any other day, but I’d treat those games as sacred dates.

          • John Stoddart

            That’s what I always do tailgating included but I’m that big of a drinker myself. And to my knowledge the guy was indeed sober, I would smelled the alcohol if he was that drunk. LSU needs to get loud and proud, nothing more nothing less.