Dec 1, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide defensive back Landon Collins (26) reacts during the fourth quarter of the 2012 SEC Championship game against the Georgia Bulldogs at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

Landon Collins with Controversial Comments on Playing Hometown LSU Tigers

Former LSU target and current Alabama safety and reigning SEC defensive player of the week, Landon Collins has provided a little bulletin board material in advance of the Tiger’s game at Alabama.

The former Dutchtown High School star led Alabama with six tackles, forced a fumble and ran back an interception 89 yards for a touchdown starting in place of the injured Vinnie Sunseri in the win over Tennessee and Monday opened up about the Nov. 9 game.

You may remember the infamous announcement by the former five-star recruit and top safety spurning his mother’s wishes to play for the in-state team in LSU that drew the ire of mommy dearest.

And Collins may wanna rethink his comments because if there was any dirt throwing it was coming from the woman who gave birth to him.  His mother, April Justin even told that her son picked Alabama because Nick Saban promised his girlfriend, Victoria Lowery, a job in his office.

Sounds like dirt throwing to me but it doesn’t stop there.

She also wanted her son to stay close to home–as most mother’s would want–but also because she felt Les Miles would play him as a freshman and not move him to nickelback. Collins played extensively on special teams as a freshman at Alabama making 17 tackles, but only saw reserve duty at safety.

“His (Nick Saban’s) goals don’t meet the criteria of the family; they meet the criteria of Alabama,” Justin added.

She also felt stereotyped by Saban after an in-home visit centered around getting Collins to the NFL left her with a bad impression of the now four-time national champion. In an excerpt from ESPN the Magazine, she says the coach offended her during his stay by promising that her son would be a high NFL draft pick and receive a multimillion-dollar contract.

“I think he stereotyped me,” Justin says. In her mind, Saban had told her what he thought she wanted to hear, when her real concerns were about academics and how a program would take care of her son.”

Now perhaps there was some dirt being thrown by people on social media or people in his hometown who felt he may have led LSU down a dead end or he betrayed his hometown team, but to say it was from LSU just doesn’t make sense.

In fact, these comments made by Miles after the decision are genuine class and with respect to Collins and his decision.

In any event, LSU was already fired up to spoil Alabama’s perfect season and a shot at a third straight title, so these comments by Collins will only add fuel to the fire.

Nov. 9th can’t come soon enough.

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  • Twisted Muser

    Thats it? Sounds like a big pile of LSU sour grapes to me.

    • Patrick Schmidt

      I don’t know why he would even bother poking the bear like that.

  • Brock Johnson

    An “experienced writer” would know bulletin board material when he sees it. THAT is NOT bulletin board material. This whole article is weak. You don’t know what Collins experienced from LSU fans after committing. Your material is so weak you resorted to throwing darts at his mother. Real classy work. Also, check your typos before publishing from now on.

    • Patrick Schmidt

      “Now perhaps there was some dirt being thrown by people on social media” He doesn’t say LSU fans threw dirt at him. He said LSU did. I don’t find this to be not classy, but thank you for your advice.

      • Brock Johnson

        So your standard of “class” is based on the comments made by a kid who is 19 or 20 years old? You are a “professional” writer who, apparently, is trying to make a name for yourself by writing trash. When he said “LSU,” how do you know he wasn’t referring to the institution and fans alike? That is open to interpretation, as well. How do you know what was or wasn’t said or done to him by the school or the fans. When you make it look like a kid is attacking the institution because he, at the very least, perceived they were trying to “throw him in the dirt,” it is poor work. Maybe his comments aren’t “classy,” but they seem honest. Do you think if LSU had said “good luck, Landon,” he would have made these comments? There has to be some merit to them.

        • Patrick Schmidt

          I just relayed what he said.

      • Aceistheplace

        Look if Les needs that to beat Alabama he is beat already. Damn if they can’t get up for Alabama they need to find a new coach and some new players.

    • Joe DeGregorio

      You must be a Bama fan?..

  • DKay

    Where can I go to get my wasted time back. This article is a waste of time. You got me.

    • Patrick Schmidt

      Thank you for your feedback, no one was trying to “get you”. Have yourself a great day and weekend.

      • ddarn

        great article! I hope LSU gets to give Landon some payback when they play..

        • Patrick Schmidt

          LSU has bigger fish to fry that focusing on one sole player, but I’m positive they would love to leave with a win.

  • Aceistheplace

    Damn if that is bulletin board material someone is desperate a whole bunch of nothing about nothing. What a wasted read. I thought the kid actually said something.