Nov 9, 2013; Tuscaloosa, AL, USA; LSU Tigers quarterback Zach Mettenberger (8) reacts against the Alabama Crimson Tide during the fourth quarter at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Alabama defeated LSU 38-17. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Mettenberger Injured in LSU’s Loss at Alabama? (GIF)

Zach Mettenberger took a pounding late in the game vs. Alabama as the Tigers fell to 7-3 on the season in the 38-17 loss at the hands of their SEC west rival and to add injury to insult, Mettenberger limped to the sideline, favoring his right knee, after taking a sack on the final play for LSU.

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Mettenberger finished with 241 yards and a touchdown on 16-23 passing, bu twith LSU unable to run the ball with any sort of consistency after the first quarter, Alabama was able to pin their ears back and get after Mettenberger knowing they would have to pass.

He was sacked four times and hit and knocked down much more than that. Alabama entered Saturday’s SEC showdown with LSU struggling to get to the quarterback, especially in Bryant-Denny Stadium. Alabama was averaging 1.4 sacks per game through their first eight games and only one sack per game in the friendly confines, but had little trouble getting to Mettenberger tonight.

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LSU is idle this upcoming week which will give Mettenberger time to lick his wounds and let his banged up body heal after the battering he took at the hands of an angry Crimson Tide defense.

As soon as more information is available regarding the health of Mettenberger, I will let you know and you can follow me on Twitter @DeathValleyFS and @PatrickASchmidt for any breaking news.

Hopefully, Mettenberger won’t have to miss any game action with the ailment as LSU will need him close to 100 percent with the Tigers hosting the Texas A&M Aggies and Heisman winner, Johnny Manziel on Nov. 23.


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  • Peace Dove

    Nick Saban lost my respect by sending the house with the game in hand.

    Mettenberger appeared to suffer a serious knee injury.

    Bama was up 38-14. It was the last series of the game.

    I’m not an LSU or a Bama fan…. But now, I’m ABSOLUTELY not a Nick Saban fan.

    If the injury is serious he just cost Mettenberger millions as he is a great pro prospect.


    • Clayton

      Look again, it was a 4 man rush.

      • donald

        If you don’t want to get hit, kneel on it.

    • Lucius Sergius Catilina

      What about Les Miles sending him out there on Hail Mary after Hail Mary where even if he had thrown for an 80 yard TD it wouldn’t have made a difference? What about his offensive line, which had clearly already quit the game and stopped putting up an ounce of resistance?

    • Jeff Maxwell

      No…If Mettenberger’s injury is serious, he has only his own offensive line to blame – not Saban. I think Alabama had one sack the whole game until LSU’s last series when the LSU line just QUIT and let Alabama sack Mettenberger three times in a row! How in the name of all that is holy is that Saban’s fault? LSU’s line sat down and had a picnic in the middle of the field while Mettenberger was getting creamed. I can practically guarantee that Mettenberger isn’t upset with Saban because he understands how this game is played. However, you could tell that he was FURIOUS on the sidelines at his own offensive line for quitting on him like that.

      You have some strange ideas about how this game is played. I’m sorry for the guy, but every player risks injury every time he steps on the field.

    • John Horn

      Are you completely retarded? Les Miles is who you should lose respect for. Yes the game is out of hand so why leave your starting QB in and go for it on 4th and 28 with 2 minutes left in the game when you’re down by 21 points? The intelligent thing to do here would be punt it away and avoid risking an injury. Les put Mettenberger at risk. Not Saban. What was the defense supposed to do? I guess in your feel good world Bama should have just sat back and let Mettenberger throw to a wide open receiver in the endzone?

    • squidootoo

      Go back to watching Lifetime TV, you hack. Kirby Smart calls the defense. Did you miss the personal foul on our wide receiver Kevin Norwood? Our defense didn’t hurt their QB. Mettenberger’s own player landed on him. And it was possibly all for show as he was on camera jogging into the locker room shoving someone out of his way. As a matter of fact, I don’t think our guys have injured a single opposing player the entire year. Come back when you get some perspective. His line gave up. He gave up. Miles should not have had him in there at that point.