Odell Beckham, Jr: LSU WR’s Game vs. Georgia Summed up in 2 GIF’s


Sep 28, 2013; Athens, GA, USA; LSU Tigers wide receiver Odell Beckham (3) is tackled after a catch by Georgia Bulldogs cornerback Damian Swann (5) in the first half at Sanford Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

It may be a cliche to say the team who wins the turnover battle will wind up winning the game, but when two evenly matched teams meet, it’s a safe assumption that the team who turns the ball over the least will win.

LSU picked off an Aaron Murray pass early in the game that led to an LSU touchdown and now Georgia is the beneficiary of a muffed punt by the normally sure-handed Odell Beckham, Jr which led to the second Michael Bennett touchdown of the day.

The play that could end LSU’s undefeated season:

Gif Courtesy Clay Wendler-SB Nation

There is still an entire quarter left to play for Beckham to redeem himself, and I wouldn’t rule him out form making a big play on special teams or in the receiving game to perhaps send this game to overtime or give LSU a chance to win.

He has been relatively quiet thus far to the tune of only three receptions for 48 yards, but you have to think there is a big play waiting to happen out of him. I mean he is so talented he can do things like this on the football field:

Gif Courtesy: Dr. Saturday at Yahoo! Sports