La’el Collins is not the father, NFL interest growing

It has been determined that La’el Collins is not the father of the child of an ex-girlfriend who was murdered last week, and NFL teams are showing an increased interest in the former LSU player.

La’el Collins was projected to be a potential Top 10 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, but due to an irresponsible leak of information regarding the murder of a pregnant ex-girlfriend, the former LSU offensive lineman went undrafted.

Collins’ situation is nothing compared to the real tragedy. A 29-year old mother-to-be lost her life, and the baby she was carrying passed away in the following days.

While Collins, a player that had no character concerns at all, was never considered a suspect in the case, NFL teams were nervous to take a chance with the outcome of the case in such uncertainty. It was even reported during the draft that some teams would not consider taking a look at him until it was determined whether or not the baby was his.

As it turns out, a paternity test shows that Collins was not the father of the child, and he has still not been connected in any way to the murder.

While his free-fall out of the draft may have cost him millions of dollars, he at least appears to have a long line of NFL teams that are very interested in his services. That list already included several teams before it was confirmed that Collins was not the father, and as more details emerge proving that Collins has nothing to do with the case, that list should continue to grow.

Collins finds himself in a very interesting situation for a top draft prospect; he has the opportunity to choose where he gets to play. That comes at a steep price, but he does have the opportunity to sign a shorter contract that will allow him to hit his first big payday a year earlier than most rookies.

The highly-coveted offensive lineman has already met with Rex Ryan of the Bufallo Bills, several former teammates who are members of the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys have already lined up a meeting as well. The New England Patriots have also shown significant interest, and will surely set up a meeting soon.

Collins has been in contact with almost every team in the league, so there is no reason to believe he will not find a job somewhere; it is more a matter of where he will decide he wants to play.

The increased interest as of late is a true testament to the belief teams have in him, both on and off the football field. His spotless record and high character have undoubtedly helped La’el Collins as he appears to be getting closer to finally starting his NFL career.