LSU football: College Football Playoff chances

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Dec 5, 2014; Atlanta, GA, USA; The Southeastern Conference logo is seen at midfield at the Georgia Dome. The Alabama Crimson Tide plays the Missouri Tigers in the SEC Championship on Saturday. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Importance of a Conference Title

LSU will be compared to one-loss teams from inferior Power 5 conferences, but those teams will be conference champions.

If teams like Baylor, Oklahoma, Ohio State and Stanford have one loss, but have won their respective conference, will the committee favor their conference championship over LSU’s greater strength of schedule and superior loss?

Due to the belief by the committee — as well as the majority of the sports media — that the SEC is the best conference in college football, then it seems like it would be difficult to keep LSU out when matched up against fellow one-loss teams, even if they win their conference championship.

As of now, Stanford would appear to be the Tigers’ greatest threat as a one-loss conference champion, but the other three are not so appealing one-loss options. Especially Baylor and Oklahoma, who play in a conference that does not have a title game.

For any of this to come to fruition, LSU must win the remaining games in their schedule, and win them convincingly. The whole nation saw what Ohio State did to Wisconsin last year in the Big Ten Championship game, and that certainly helped launch the Buckeyes into the playoffs.

It may seem like a whole lot needs to happen for LSU to even be considered. But college football has proven time-in and time-out that once you think everything is nice, neat and settled, two teams in the top-ten get upset and the whole college football landscape gets turned upside down.

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LSU fans need to cheer for anarchy all throughout college football if the Tigers are going to make the College Football Playoff. And that really is not asking for too much.

So keep your chins up LSU. Les Miles and the boys are still very much alive.