LSU Football: For goodness sake, can we please #FreeDevinWhite?

After a big win for LSU football, the Tigers also took a loss. Devin White was suspended for the first half of the Alabama game after a controversial targeting call.

Late during the game against Mississippi State, there was a hit that was in some ways season defining. A clean, normal, non-target worthy hit at that. Subsequently, the refs remembered that the Tigers played Alabama next week… and threw him out of the game. While some fans look at this as just one player, you have to look at the level this player has played. In a game that will likely come down to a play or two, an incredible play could ultimately define the fate of LSU football for the season.

More so than just the talent on the field, he is also a great leader and energizer for the team. With momentum being at a premium in a big game like this, a big sack or QB rush could be just the right combination for The Valley to shake and swing things in our favor. Most fans have realized the importance of Devin White and even used a good bit of money to try and swing things in their favor. Around the league office in Birmingham, fans spent nearly $6,000 to get signs up to help the league office realize the terrible call on the field. Check it out:

Though the efforts have been unsuccessful and the league office has all but said there is no overturning coming, it still is a great showing from our incredible fan base. We rally around our own, we stand up for justice, and recognize the Bama Bias in our league. The team still has a crazy amount of talent in form of a pass rusher, and it could work in our advantage. A well-rested Devin White could wreak havoc in a slug fest like the one that will take place next Saturday in Baton Rouge. Regardless, the league should still consider the #FreeDevinWhite movement.