LSU Tigers: Will Wade can never step foot on Clemson’s campus again

LSU Tigers head basketball coach Will Wade might not be welcome at Clemson anymore after his comments on Monday.

LSU Tigers head basketball coach Will Wade spent the first five years of his collegiate basketball career as a Clemson Tiger.

Wade was a student manager for the Tigers’ basketball team from 2002-05. He then spent a season as a graduate assistant, followed by a season as Clemson’s director of basketball operations.

Suffice it to say, Clemson is an important part of who Wade is as a coach and as a person.

But after his comments on Monday, he probably won’t be welcomed back to Clemson anytime soon.

At the end of Wade’s press conference on Monday, he was asked who he will be cheering for when LSU takes on Clemson in the College Football Playoff title game on January 11.

Wade, of course, told reporters he’ll be rooting for LSU, saying “I’m cheering for LSU, obviously”.

His score prediction?

42-27 or “something like that”.

According to The Advocate, a reporter jokingly suggested that Wade’s “alumni card” might be stripped because he’s not cheering for Clemson, to which the Nashville native replied “I’m an LSU Tiger now, so that’s the way it goes”.

Wade won’t be in attendance for the title game in New Orleans because the Tigers’ basketball team is traveling to Texas A&M for their game on January 12.

But Wade will absolutely be watching the game — he told reporters that he plans to host a watch party for his team and staff.

As for Clemson, at least LSU fans won’t have to worry about Wade leaving if his alma mater ever comes calling again. It sounds like that bridge might be burned for good.

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