LSU Tigers assistant Joe Brady reportedly agrees to contract extension

LSU football's Tiger stadium (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
LSU football's Tiger stadium (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

The future of LSU Tigers passing game coordinator Joe Brady has been a hot topic in recent weeks.

Sports Illustrated reported on Saturday that LSU Tigers passing game coordinator/wide receivers coach Joe Brady has agreed to a new contract “through a memorandum of understanding” that would “more than double his salary”.

According to Sports Illustrated, the deal is for three years.

But here’s the kicker — Brady can still leave for the NFL or to be a head coach at another college program.

The new contract only protects Brady from taking another assistant job at the collegiate level.

I doubt Brady is going to get any head coaching offers that he’d deem worth taking. So it looks like Brady will almost certainly be at LSU next season or in the NFL (the Carolina Panthers reportedly have interest in hiring Brady as their new offensive coordinator).

Brady, unsurprisingly, was pressed on Saturday by reporters on whether or not he’s interested in making the jump the NFL. Brady kept his plans close to the vest, insisting that he hasn’t thought about any other jobs except the one he currently has.

Look, Brady is going to be an offensive coordinator in the NFL at some point. And probably a head coach, too. He’s that highly regarded and his future seems to be in the NFL.

But LSU is hoping they can at least keep him in Baton Rouge for another season, to help kickstart the post-Joe Burrow era.

Brady will likely have some conversations over the next couple of weeks with NFL teams. Even though there’s an extension in place, doesn’t mean for certain that Brady will be at LSU in 2020.