LSU Football: Ed Orgeron got way too hype before the championship game

LSU Football’s Ed Orgeron got a little too hype before his team’s matchup against the Clemson Tigers on Monday night.

LSU Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron is known for bringing the energy.

There are plenty of stories of Coach O slamming red bulls and ripping his shirt off in an effort to fire his team up.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Orgeron was amped this week while preparing his team for Monday night’s national championship showdown against the Clemson Tigers.

Coach O was so hype, in fact, that he cut himself while punching himself in the head in an effort to fire up his team after practice.

Whatever it takes, right?

Orgeron has said all week that he was treating this game like any other game.

While I’m sure Coach O did his best to prepare his team like normal, there’s no doubt there was a different vibe around the team all week.

How could there not be?

You don’t get many chances to play in a national championship game. Who knows if Orgeron will ever be back in this position again (though I tend to think he will be).

I imagine Coach O will be equally amped up halftime. It’s going to take a full 60 minute effort to beat Clemson, which means there can be no let up when it comes to the energy on the field.

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Fortunately for the Tigers, they have a head coach that excels in bringing the energy.

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