LSU Football: A public safety officer tried to shut down LSU Tigers’ cigar celebration

The LSU Tigers were ready on celebrate on Monday night in New Orleans after beating the Clemson Tigers in the national championship game.

There was no stopping the LSU Tigers on Monday.

Not on the football field when they were driving down the field to take a commanding lead against Clemson.

And definitely not in the locker room after they broke out some cigars to celebrate the program’s first national championship in 12 years.

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow was plastered all over social media early Tuesday morning smoking a well earned victory cigar.

The only problem with the cigars?

It’s actually illegal in New Orleans to smoke indoors.

As a result, a public safety officer, according to The Athletic’s Andy Staples, actually attempted to stop the cigar smoking celebration.

Staples said the officer stepped into the LSU locker room in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and announced “Anyone smoking a cigar is subject to arrest!”.

Fortunately for the Tigers, the officer gave up on his attempt to enforce New Orleans’ indoor smoking ban and moved along.

Can you imagine going into LSU’s locker room after they’ve just won the national championship — IN NEW ORLEANS — and trying to tell them to stop doing anything?!?!!

Yeah, good luck with that.

By the way, an interesting side note: the cigars were provided by LSU strength coach KJ Malone, who is the son of hall of fame NBA player Karl Malone.

I’m not a smoker, but if I had just won a national championship, I probably would’ve been walking around the Superdome with a stogie as well.

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Smoke em if you got a College Football Playoff championship, I guess.

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