LSU football quarterback Myles Brennan makes bold statement

LSU football QB Myles Brennan (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
LSU football QB Myles Brennan (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) /

LSU football quarterback Myles Brennan is the likely heir to Joe Burrow.

LSU football is going to have a hard time replacing quarterback quarterback Joe Burrow.

Not only will it be had to replace Burrow’s production (replacing 5,600 passing yards and 60 touchdowns is nearly impossible), it will also be hard to replace the effect he had on the team.

Burrow exuded confidence during his time in Baton Rouge. He had a certain swagger about him that helped LSU’s players take their play to the next level. Burrow’s cool, calm, poised demeanor was contagious.

Essentially, Burrow was a great leader.

But the Tigers might have another great leader with some swagger ready to take over.

Myles Brennan, a former four-star recruit, is set to take over as LSU’s starting quarterback in 2020.

He’ll obviously have some big shoes to fill, but Brennan isn’t intimidated. In fact, it already sounds like he’s embracing the challenge.

Brennan told reporters after LSU’s win against Clemson that he’s not worried about the comparisons to Burrow, boldly saying “I’m just going to worry about me and this team. I’ll make sure we get back to here.”

While there are plenty of folks around the country wondering if the Tigers were a one year wonder — especially with the mass exodus of players on Wednesday and the departure of assistant Joe Brady on Tuesday — Brennan is convinced LSU will soon be playing for the national championship again.

I think LSU fans should absolutely love this attitude from Brennan. A quarterback won’t take a team very far unless they’re extremely confident.

And Brennan certainly seems confident.

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Who knows, maybe Myles Brennan is Joe Burrow 2.0.

Wouldn’t that be nice?