Kirk Herbstreit completely misses the mark with his comments about LSU football

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ESPN personality Kirk Herbsteit recently had some harsh words for LSU football.

LSU football wasn’t shy about celebrating their national championship game win against the Clemson Tigers on Monday night.

And they shouldn’t have been — they’re champions after all. Not many college players will ever get to make that claim.

ESPN personality Kirk Herbstreit, however, took issue with the way LSU celebrated.

Here’s what Herbstreit had to say on his podcast (via The Spun):

"“I will say this: as much as we’re celebrating this team, I wasn’t a real fan of the post-game stuff, the OBJ stuff with the money,” Herbstreit said on The College Football Podcast With Herbie & Pollack. “The way they handled themselves at times. If it’s just about 2019, great. But this is about staying power, right? This isn’t the finish line of their program. Don’t they wanna win in 2020? Don’t they wanna win in 2021? I almost feel like it’s all the chips in, we made it, that’s it and forget everything else.”"

Now, I understand his issue with the Odell Beckham Jr stuff. OBJ acted foolish for much of the night. He’s taken a lot of the spotlight away from LSU this week and put it squarely on himself.

But that doesn’t have anything to do with the state of LSU’s football program or where it’s going.

And I really don’t think anything LSU did on Monday night to celebrate has anything to do with it, either. Herbstreit is right, there’s no finish line for the program. But there is for the players. They only get so many chances to win a championship at the collegiate level.

Herbstreit, a former Ohio State quarterback, should know this as well as anyone.

LSU’s players worked hard to become the second 15-0 team in college football history. They’re in an extremely rare club and they deserved to celebrate on Monday night.

I know the old adage “act like you’ve been there before”, but literally no one on LSU’s roster has been there before (and guess what, neither has Herbstreit).

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I like Herbstreit a lot. But he’s off base on this one.