LSU Football: NCAA isn’t handling Odell Beckham Jr situation the right way

Former LSU football star Odell Beckham Jr caused quite a stir with his actions following the Tigers’ win against Clemson in the national championship game.

Thanks to former LSU football standout Odell Beckham Jr, the NCAA might be on the verge of instituting a new sideline rule for College Football Playoff games.

Beckham’s actions following LSU’s win against Clemson — which includes handing cash to players, smacking a safety officer on the rear, and screaming “play neck” repeatedly into a megaphone — have been well documented this week.

As a result of those actions, the NCAA is reviewing its sideline policies, according to USA Today.

I think this is a completely silly approach by the NCAA.

There are countless former players that are on hand for big games and never cause a problem. In fact, former LSU wide receiver Jarvis Landry was in New Orleans for the championship game and almost no one is talking about him.

And that’s because he didn’t cause a big scene. He didn’t make anything about himself.

One player acting foolish, like Beckham was, shouldn’t ruin it for everyone. Having former players on the sideline, that have gone on to become NFL stars, is a big deal for current players.

Just because Beckham doesn’t know how to act when he’s in that situation doesn’t mean sideline access should suddenly be restricted.

The NCAA needs to let LSU deal with OBJ (the NCAA, obviously, should look into the cash deal, but it seems like the program is on top of that). And then they need to leave the current rule alone.

It hasn’t been a big problem before and it probably won’t be a big problem in the future.

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Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill, NCAA.

Not every action warrants a reaction.

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