Former LSU standout Alex Bregman correctly handled media session on Saturday

Former LSU baseball standout Alex Bregman discussed the Houston Astros sign stealing scandal on Saturday.

Former LSU baseball star Alex Bregman discussed the Houston Astros cheating scandal on Saturday for the first time since MLB’s report dropped.

Bregman appeared at a previously scheduled fan fest event and briefly spoke to reporters.

The third baseman was obviously asked about the scandal and for the most part he refrained from commenting much on what happened, offering a pre-rehearsed line instead.

I’ve seen some some social media backlash for the way Bregman handled the questions, though I’m not sure what folks wanted him to say.

At this point, I’m not sure what players have been instructed by MLB to say or not say about the scandal. I also don’t think a fan fest event is the proper place for Bregman to discuss the scandal in great detail.

There’s no sport that offers more media access than baseball. With spring training just around the corner, there will be plenty of opportunities for reporters to pepper Bregman and other Astros about the scandal.

For now, I think Bregman offered as much as he should. The fact that he even addressed the alleged buzzers that were used by the Astros was a surprise to me (MLB has already said they found no evidence of buzzers being used by the Astros).

Jose Altuve, Bregman’s teammate, also denied the use of a buzzer this week, via a statement through his agent.

It’s interesting that no Astros players have denied the sign stealing via video camera since MLB released their report.

But both Bregman and Altuve were adamant they didn’t wear an electronic buzzer to aid in receiving stolen signs in past seasons. After all the questioning they likely underwent by MLB, it would be unwise of them to lie about this.

I think Bregman was smart to address the buzzer allegations on Saturday and I think he was smart to leave the other alone.

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There will come a time when Bregman and other Astros will need to address the scandal, but Saturday at a fan event wasn’t the place.


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