LSU Football: Carolina Panthers want to trade up for Joe Burrow

LSU football’s Joe Burrow will almost certainly be the top draft pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

When former LSU football assistant Joe Brady joined the Carolina Panthers as the franchise’s new offensive coordinator, he undoubtedly had visions of Joe Burrow joining him in Charlotte.

Brady and Burrow proved to be one of the most dynamic coach/quarterback combinations in NCAA history, so it makes sense that Brady would love to coach Burrow at the next level.

There’s only one problem, though.

The Cincinnati Bengals have the No. 1 pick and the Panthers have the No. 7 pick. And it’s pretty much a given that Burrow will be the top pick (the Bengals badly need a quarterback).

Former Bengals wide receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh, however, recently said on FS1 that he knows for a fact the Panthers want to trade up for Burrow, saying “Joe Brady really wants him, I know that to be fact”.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported over the weekend that Cincinnati has no interest in trading the No. 1 pick.

Of course, these things can change in a hurry. And we’ve already seen that Panthers owner David Tepper isn’t afraid to go all-in on a coach (as he did with Matt Rhule and Brady), so it wouldn’t surprise me if he does everything in his power to bring Burrow to Carolina.

The Panthers would have to give up a lot to get Burrow, though. A couple of future first round picks would probably be involved.

But it might be worth it. Burrow is a transcendent quarterback who could change the entire trajectory of a franchise.

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If the Panthers managed to land the former LSU quarterback, it could be the spark the franchise needs to compete for the NFC championship again.

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