Ed Orgeron delivered on a promise that all coaches make, but few can can keep

LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron delivered on a promise that every coach makes, but few can keep.

When Ed Orgeron took over as LSU’s permanent head football coach on November 26, 2016, he made a promise that nearly every new head coach makes.

During Orgeron’s introductory press conference, he made it clear that his goal was to “build a championship program fast, very fast”.

Coach O also told reporters he believed LSU could compete for a SEC championship “very fast”.

When I heard Orgeron’s words in 2016, they rang hollow.

It wasn’t his fault. And it’s not that I doubted Coach O (though like many, I was skeptical of the hire at the time). It’s just that I’ve heard nearly ever coach hired in the SEC over the last 20 years say those same words.

“We’re here to win championships” has become a phrase that’s automatically inserted into introductory press conferences. Most coaches who say those words never even get close to a SEC championship — let alone a national championship.

But Orgeron delivered on what he said. And he did it “very fast” just like he said he would.

Now, I’m sure there was some doubt from folks after LSU lost to Troy in a night game at home in 2017. But that was simply part of the building process. Orgeron, his staff and his players never lost sight of their goal. They never doubted they were on the right track.

The Tigers’ national championship win was certainly validating for Orgeron.

But more than that, it showed us that Coach O delivers on his promises — no matter how big or small.

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That’s not something most head coaches can say.

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