LSU football’s newest hire almost ended up coaching with Joe Brady in the NFL in 2020

LSU football recently hired Scott Linehan to replace Joe Brady as the Tigers’ passing game coordinator.

LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron said earlier this month that he was going to take his time finding Joe Brady’s replacement.

(Brady, who served as LSU’s passing game coordinator/wide receivers coach, left Baton Rouge in January to become the Carolina Panthers’ new offensive coordinator.)

But it wasn’t long after those comments that Scott Linehan became the Tigers’ new passing game coordinator.

It appears that Coach O saw all he needed to see during his interview process and quickly decided that Linehan was the right guy for LSU.

But Linehan almost wasn’t available.

That’s because he was a candidate to land a job with the Panthers, working under Brady on Matt Rhule’s staff in Carolina.

Linehan reportedly had an interview with Brady and Carolina set up last month. It’s unclear if a job offer was extended to Linehan by Brady and the Panthers.

It’s also unclear what Linehan would’ve been doing with the Panthers had he landed a job under Brady.

This is extremely interesting to me for a couple of reasons.

For one, it shows that Ed Orgeron and Joe Brady are on the same page when it comes to identifying talented coaches.

Brady obviously worked extremely well with LSU’s other coaches. The Tigers wouldn’t have set records in 2019 if Brady didn’t make a seamless transition onto LSU’s staff. And He clearly felt drawn to Linehan last month for some reason. The fact that Brady wanted to work with Linehan tells me the former NFL head coach will likely fit in well on LSU’s staff.

The other thing that I wonder/find interesting is whether or not Brady sent Linehan to Orgeron. Perhaps things just didn’t work out with the Panthers, but Brady was still able to recognize that Linehan could help the Tigers.

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Either way, Brady, even if inadvertent, played at least a small role in Scott Linehan landing with LSU.

It’s wild how things work out sometimes.