LSU Football: Joe Burrow now has a zoo animal named after him

Joe Burrow is undoubtedly an LSU football legend. And now he has a zoo animal named after him in Baton Rouge.

Joe Burrow was only in Baton Rouge for two seasons, but he left an impact on LSU football, and the city, that will be felt for a lifetime.

Burrow’s 2019 season was one for the record books. In addition to helping LSU achieve the second 15-0 season in college football history, the dynamic quarterback also tossed for 5,671 yards and 60 touchdowns (against only six interceptions).

Not only did Burrow become one of the greatest players in LSU history, he also endeared himself to the state of Louisiana. Burrow embraced the Cajun culture, even wearing a custom “Burreaux” jersey before his final game in Tiger Stadium.

Burrow might be on his way to the NFL (likely to the Cincinnati Bengals), but his name will remain engrained in Baton Rouge.


Last month, the Baton Rouge Zoo announced a contest to name a baby giraffe that was born on December 26. The final three names up for a vote were Romeo, Burreaux, and Kiume (Swahili for masculine and strong).

On Friday morning, the Zoo announced that “Burreaux” had been chosen as the giraffe’s name, ensuring that Joe Burrow’s impact on Baton Rouge will be felt in the city for years to come.

Joe Burrow might be a kid from the midwest that grew up in Ohio, but I think it’s obvious that he’ll always carry a part of Louisiana with him.

Maybe Burrow’s NFL career will bring him to New Orleans one day.

Now wouldn’t that be an amazing story?

You never know.

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