Joe Burrow is a nightmare for the 2020 NFL Draft

Joe Burrow is the worst thing that could’ve happened to the 2020 NFL Draft.

Joe Burrow is going to be the top selection in the 2020 NFL Draft in April.

Everyone knows it. And the Cincinnati Bengals — the team that holds the first pick — aren’t even trying to keep it a secret anymore.

Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller reported late last week that his sources are saying the Bengals have already decided that Burrow is the pick.

Hardly a surprise.

The NFL, however, likely hates this.

In fact, senior writer Geoff Hobson recently opined that the NFL is “banking on draft drama at the top for as long as it can get it”.

The drama the NFL desires is possibly one of the reasons we’ve been hearing a lot of noise about Burrow potentially not wanting to play for Cincinnati.

Those stores are incredibly puzzling — given that Burrow hasn’t said anything that indicates he doesn’t want to play for the Bengals.

Remember, the NFL wants drama. And the possibility of Burrow — the biggest can’t miss quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck — not wanting to play for the Bengals would provide a lot of drama over the next two months.

But that drama doesn’t exist. Burrow is going to play for whoever drafts him. And Cincinnati is going to be that team. There’s no reason to even speculate about the first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft at this point. The draft pundits might as well move on to the Washington Redskins, the team with the second overall pick.

I’m sure there will still be plenty of twists and turns on draft night — like there always seems to be. But there won’t be any drama when the Bengals step to the podium.

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It’s bad for the NFL draft. But I honestly doubt it’ll hurt their viewership too much.

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