LSU Football: Ed Orgeron hired someone who likes to grind on the recruiting trail as much as him

LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron is one of the most tenacious recruiters in college football.

LSU football’s Ed Orgeron has reinvented himself as a coach over the last decade.

But while Orgeron has continuously evolved for the better, there’s one trait of his that hasn’t a changed a bit.

Coach O is still one of the most fierce recruiters in college sports. If there were 36 hours in a day, Orgeron would find a way to recruit for 40 of them.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Orgeron aims to hire coaches with a similar philosophy, which is essentially “embrace the grind”.

And that’s exactly what Coach O and LSU got by promoting Kevin Faulk from director of player development to running backs coach last month. Faulk likes to grind on the recruiting trail just as much as Orgeron.

Prior to the start of spring practice, Coach O told reporters a story of meeting Faulk early one morning for a recruiting trip.

Orgeron planned to meet Faulk at 7:30 to head to Lafayette. Coach O, unsurprisingly, showed up an hour early.

And Faulk had already beat him there.

This is the type of fire that’s required to land the top recruits in the nation. That kind of energy is contagious. It’s something that will continuously spread through LSU’s program.

There is no getting stagnant when it comes to Coach O and his staff. They’re elite in everything they do.

And that includes meeting early in the morning to go recruit.

There’s a reason the Tigers were able to go 15-0 last season. It’s a direct result of the culture Coach O has created in Baton Rouge.