LSU Football: How Ed Orgeron’s catchphrase is a massive recruiting tool

LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron is one of college football’s elite recruiters.

LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron could probably write a book on how to be an elite recruiter.

Orgeron, dating back to his days as an assistant as USC, has always been a tremendous recruiter. He has a unique ability to connect with football players on a deep level.

And those connections usually lead to commitments.

Orgeron has received numerous accolades for his outstanding recruiting efforts. In 2004, while serving as USC’s defensive line coach, Coach O was named the recruiter of the year by Rivals. In 2011, also while at USC, Orgeron was named the recruiter of the year by Fox Sports and ESPNU.

Recruiting is in Coach O’s blood. He was made to coach in college football, even though he could easily transition to the NFL and have success.

That’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise that Orgeron’s signature catchphrase, “Go Tigers”, is also one of his biggest recruiting tools.

The phrase, though simple, has proved to be an effective way to grab the attention of recruits on a national stage. Everyone knows Coach O and everyone knows he’s going to end his interview with an emphatic “Go Tigers!”. And everyone is going to watch every second of Coach O speaking just to hear that magical two-word phrase.

Rocco Spindler, a four-star recruit from Clarkston, MI, is one of the top 2021 recruits in the nation.

And he’s strongly considering LSU.

The Tigers’ success in recent years is obviously a big reason why LSU is in the mix to land Spindler.

But Coach O and his catchphrase are another reason.

Spindler recently told 247Sports that he loves Coach O, saying “The things he says, ‘Go Tigers,’ I just want to play for someone that loves his program that much and cares about them and is not looking for the next, best opportunity”.

The elite offensive lineman added “He’s going to be there for a long time and then win national championships after national championships”.

When Orgeron says “Go Tigers”, his deep love for LSU comes through his words. Recruits can feel Coach O’s authenticity when he speaks.

There aren’t many coaches that can grab the attention of elite recruits simply by the words he says on TV. But that’s part of what makes Orgeron so special.

LSU is home for Coach O. And he’s making LSU feel like home for a lot of recruits.