Various LSU football players reportedly were “shocked” the Tigers practiced on Thursday

LSU football's Tiger stadium (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
LSU football's Tiger stadium (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

LSU football held a spring practice on Thursday that was closed to the media.

The Coronavirus shut down nearly everything in the sports world on Thursday — except LSU football practice.

LSU closed their practice to the media, and canceled scheduled player interviews, but they still hit the field for a valuable spring practice.

And some of the players, reportedly, were “shocked” the practice happened.

The Athletic reported on Friday that “at least a section” of LSU players were surprised the Tigers were still practicing. The Athletic also reported that many players “thought they shouldn’t be practicing and that it was irresponsible”.

(This wasn’t relayed to coaches according to the The Athletic.)

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey has shut down pretty much everything sports related, but he left practice decisions up to individual schools.

For now, LSU is planning on practicing — though that’s obviously subject to change (especially, I imagine, once administrators get word of how players felt about practicing on Thursday).

Everything is moving incredibly fast right now in regards to the Coronavirus. And it seems like everyone is trying to make prudent decisions. I wouldn’t be surprised if LSU, or even the SEC/NCAA, mandates that all practices are stopped very soon.

Safety for everyone is the top priority right now. This is an unprecedented event that we’ve never seen before, so no one is quite sure how to proceed. It’s understandable that some decisions that have been made (or will be made) can be questioned.

But I trust that everyone, including LSU, is doing their best to make decisions beneficial to student athletes.

Update: LSU is postponing spring practice until at least April 15.