The 5 SEC figures we’d most want to quarantine with during coronavirus outbreak

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Ed Orgeron — LSU head coach

Let’s go ahead and get the obvious out of the way.

Ed Orgeron is first and best choice to be quarantined with during the coronavirus outbreak.

First off, Coach O has already made it a point to be a voice during the outbreak, urging folks to practice social distancing in a widely publicized PSA in Louisiana.

Not only does Orgeron know how to combat the coronavirus, he gives off the impression that he knows how to combat nearly anything else that might be necessary as well.

Coach O also brings plenty of energy, which is needed during a time when a lot of folks are feeling anxious and even depressed.

The entire country desperately needs a win right now. And if anyone can lead us to a win, it’s Ed Orgeron. Why wouldn’t you want to be quarantined with him?