Top 5 uniform combinations in the SEC

LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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The SEC features some of the best uniforms in college football.

There’s nothing like college football in the SEC.

The pageantry and tradition in the SEC is unlike anything else in sports. Every Saturday in autumn is an event that features the best tailgating in the world. In the south, SEC football is religion.

Part of that pageantry and tradition are the incredible uniforms we see on a weekly basis in the fall.

There are more traditional looks (Alabama) and some modern looks (Vanderbilt). There’s colorful and there’s plain.

Essentially, there’s something for everyone.

(Unless you’re a Missouri fan….those uniforms are just too boring. Yuck.)

Now, I know a lot of folks are a fan of sleek looking uniforms with white tops, but I like seeing some color variation. And there are some really tremendous color combinations in the SEC.

Here are the top five uniform color combinations in the SEC, starting with a program in the SEC East.

SEC uniforms
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5. Georgia Bulldogs — Red tops, silver bottoms

Nearly everything about Georgia’s football program annoys me. The silly barking the fans do at games, the obnoxious de facto fight song “Glory, Glory”. It’s all maddening.

But one thing that Georgia gets right is uniforms — specifically their helmets. The vibrant red helmet with the black G just screams SEC. It’s a classic. And when the helmet is paired with a red jersey and silver bottoms, it creates a look on the field that is almost always a perfect complement to whomever the Bulldogs happen to be playing.

Classic mixed with vibrant is a recipe for a great look.

The Bulldogs also have a black jersey that’s a great look. I’m typically not a huge fan of black jerseys, simply because they don’t feature the great colors of the SEC. But Georgia’s black jersey is the rare exception.

However, I still think the red/silver combination is Georgia’s best look.