Odell Beckham Jr conspiracy theory officially put to rest

A wild Odell Beckham Jr conspiracy theory was officially put to rest on Wednesday.

There have been rumors throughout the NFL offseason that the Cleveland Browns have former LSU wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr on the trade block.

In fact, ESPN’s Bart Scott reported last month that Beckham is “on the trading block, and it’s real right now”.

One conspiracy theory that’s been floating around is that Beckham wouldn’t be in the Browns’ new uniform reveal this spring, because the team was planning to trade him.

That theory was seemingly put to rest last month when a report surfaced that OBJ had actually taken part in a photo shoot for the new uniforms. But no good conspiracy theory ever dies that easy.

Well, on Wednesday we were finally able to put an end to that theory. The Browns revealed their new uniforms (which look a lot like their old uniforms if we’re being honest) and Beckham was featured in the video.

Interestingly, a clip of Beckham flashed across the screen as the narrator mentioned the “present” state of the Browns.

It’s hard to imagine that Cleveland has a dynamic wide receiver like Beckham on the trading block. Especially after trading a first and third round pick (and a couple of players) for him just over a year ago.

There’s also the fact that the Browns will have a new coaching staff in place in 2020. Part of the reason Beckham was “disgruntled” at times last season was because of his tense relationship with previous head coach Freddie Kitchens.

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Of course, just because OBJ was in the reveal video on Wednesday doesn’t mean it’s a 100 precent certainty he will be in Cleveland next year. But it does mean there was no plan to keep him out the video because the franchise was expecting to deal him this offseason.

Now we wait for the next crazy Beckham conspiracy theory, because I can almost guarantee that’s coming.

It always does.

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