LSU Football: Joe Burrow reveals what his first splurge will be

Former LSU Football QB Joe Burrow (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
Former LSU Football QB Joe Burrow (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

LSU football’s Joe Burrow is fixing to make a lot of money in the NFL.

LSU football’s Joe Burrow plays football because he wants to win.

It’s not about the money.

But the money, of course, is nice.

Burrow was picked first overall by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2020 NFL Draft.

That means he’ll have a rookie contract worth around $36 million over four years, with about $24 million in guaranteed money.

If Burrow proves to be the star we all think he will be, then $9 million a year for him will be an absolute steal (though his second contract will probably be worth at least triple, if not more).

Still, while Burrow won’t be making Aaron Rodgers type money (Burrow will actually make less per year than New Orleans Saints backup quarterback Taysom Hill), that’s still a nice pay day for a kid fresh out of college.

So what is Burrow going to splurge on first?

Probably not what you think.

During a conference call with reporters after being drafted by the Bengals, Burrow said one of the first things he plans to do is hire a personal chef.

“I’m going to get a chef, so when I’m done with my workouts I can come home and eat great food to fuel my body and just relax”, said Burrow.

That’s probably a good call. NFL players put in a lot of time at the practice field and in the gym. Plus a lot of time reviewing film and studying the playbook. There’s not a lot of time left to prepare and cook food.

Burrow needs to be at his healthiest in the NFL. Takeout and delivery isn’t really a viable option for a quarterback that needs to be in top shape.

A personal chef eases that stress and gives Burrow better fuel for his body.

While other players might be splurging on cars and other material items (which I’m sure Burrow will as well, at some point), Burrow is thinking about ways to spend money to help him become a better football player.

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That’s just what kind of player the Bengals are getting. Someone who is all in at all times.