LSU Football: Why Joe Burrow may actually deserve MORE credit for Tigers’ 2019 season

LSU football's Joe Burrow (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
LSU football's Joe Burrow (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

LSU football’s Joe Burrow had a season to remember in 2019.

LSU football’s 2019 season — possibly the greatest season in college football history — was essentially the perfect storm.

Quarterback Joe Burrow’s decision to transfer from Ohio State to LSU in 2018, combined with Ed Orgeron’s decision to hire Joe Brady as the Tigers’ passing game coordinator in 2019, led to an incredible record breaking season that may never be matched by another program.

A lot of LSU’s offensive success was attributed to Brady, who “updated” the Tigers’ offense.

There’s no doubt that Brady had a big impact on LSU’s offense. The concepts he brought with him to Baton Rouge from the New Orleans Saints (where he served as an offensive assistant under Sean Payton), certainly helped the Tigers’ offense become an unstoppable force.

But judging by some recent comments from former offensive analyst Jorge Munoz, who is now the passing game coordinator for Baylor, maybe Burrow deserves some more credit for the success of LSU’s offense.

And I’m not talking about what Burrow did on the field.

Munoz recently told 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge that the smartest thing LSU’s staff did last season was listen to Burrow.

This isn’t exactly surprising. Burrow is the son of a coach. He’s been watching film and breaking down plays since he was a little kid.

But this begs the question “how much did Burrow’s input contribute to the success of LSU’s offensive scheme?”

It’s almost like Burrow was another offensive coach for LSU. And if that was the case, I think Burrow may actually be a better quarterback than we all realized.

Burrow possibly helping design the offense is next level stuff. That’s something Peyton Manning and some of the other greats were known for doing.

It also might have helped Brady get a job as an offensive coordinator in the NFL. Brady received a lot of the praise, but maybe Burrow deserves an equal amount of praise for the offensive schemes.

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I’d be sending Burrow a couple of thank you gifts this season if I were Brady.