The must watch NFL game in 2020 for LSU football fans

LSU Football celebrating their win against Clemson (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
LSU Football celebrating their win against Clemson (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

There’s one game on the 2020 NFL schedule that will be a must watch for LSU football fans.

LSU football fans will have plenty of former Tigers to watch in the NFL in 2020, but there’s one particular game (well technically two) that will be a must-watch.

The Cincinnati Bengals will take on the Cleveland Browns in week two on Thursday Night Football.

And I can’t think of a game that will be more entertaining for LSU fans to watch.

(The Bengals and Browns will also play in week seven.)

That’s because the Browns are essentially LSU north at this point, which is something that Grant Delpit recently pointed out to

“It is turning into big Tigers up there. They call it the LSU of the North,” said Delpit.

“It’s an LSU reunion. We’re going to show that LSU mentality and hopefully make some plays get some wins and get that ball back to our offense.”

Cleveland’s roster features former Tigers Odell Beckham Jr, Jarvis Landry, Delpit, Greedy Williams and Jacob Phillips.

Joe Burrow is all alone

The Bengals only have one former LSU player, but he’s the most talked about former LSU player on the planet.

Joe Burrow — a player who LSU fans will undoubtedly follow for the duration of his NFL career.

It’s going to be wild watching Burrow go up against former teammates Delpit, Phillips and Williams, when just a few months ago they were winning a national championship together (except for Williams, who left LSU after the 2018 season).

Unfortunately for Burrow, he’ll be the odd man out when the former LSU players inevitably take a group photo together after the game.

Of course, the big question is who gets Burrow’s jersey after the game?

I’m going with either Beckham or Landry, since they weren’t teammates with Burrow.

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But regardless of what happens after the game, the matchup should be extremely entertaining for LSU fans.