Ideal LSU football golf foursome for Baton Rouge version of The Match

LSU Football golf (Photo by Huw Fairclough/Getty Images)
LSU Football golf (Photo by Huw Fairclough/Getty Images) /

Which LSU football personalities would you love to see play golf together?

This past weekend, “The Match”, featuring Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, was the most watched event on cable television, which got me thinking about which LSU football personalities would be fun to see in a nationally televised golf match.

There are obviously plenty of great options — LSU’s had a litany of great personalities come through Baton Rouge — so it was tough to narrow it down to just four.

Some of the folks that just missed the cut are former Tigers head coaches Les Miles and Nick Saban, as well as former LSU football player Booger McFarland and former LSU baseball standout Alex Bregman, among many others.

Ultimately, I came up with a foursome that would be entertaining, as well as competitive.

Here are my four choices.

Ed Orgeron — Current LSU head coach

This one is pretty obvious, right?

Coach O embodies everything that LSU is as a program. He’s a Louisiana native and he just the led the Tigers to a national championship. He’s also one of the most recognizable and genuine head coaches in all of sports. I can’t imagine an LSU foursome without Orgeron involved.

As for Orgeron’s golf game?

Well that much is unclear. I can’t find any evidence on the internet of Coach O actually playing a round of golf. But I have a feeling he’d show up to the course with a wooden driver (and maybe no shirt) and put everyone to shame.

One thing is certain — he’d certainly motivate everyone in his group.

Joe Burrow — Former LSU quarterback

Just like Coach O, I can’t find any evidence of Joe Burrow having an extraordinary golf game.

But give him a couple of weeks and he could probably be competitive against most average folks.

I’m not sure there’s anyone on the planet more competitive than Burrow (maybe Michael Jordan). The kid hates to lose. Absolutely can’t stand it.

Which is why I’m certain he’d find a way to win, even if golf isn’t his thing.

Burrow also has a great sense of humor, which is necessary on the golf course.

Odell Beckham Jr — Former LSU wide receiver

I’m sure someone reading this is rolling their eyes and thinking this is a lazy choice. And I tried to avoid taking this route, but it makes too much sense not to include OBJ.

Beckham is one of the most well known former LSU players in the world. And he’s also one of the most controversial.

Those two traits alone would make him must see television on the golf course.

But OBJ also has a pretty good swing.

He might actually be the frontrunner to win this fictional match.

Shaquille O’Neal — Former LSU basketball player

OK, so Shaq isn’t an LSU football personality, but I don’t think you can leave him out of this foursome.

O’Neal is simply too entertaining to not be included. He’s the main reason I tune in to Inside the NBA. 

Imagine playing a round of golf and hearing stories like this one.

Simply incredible. I could listen to Shaq stories all day.

Oh, and as for the swing?

Well, it could use some work.

I’d say OBJ or Burrow is definitely winning this round of golf.

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But that part doesn’t matter. All that matters is this foursome would be incredibly fun to watch for 18 holes of golf.