Arch Manning has some strong LSU football connections

Eli and Cooper Manning (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images for Nationwide)
Eli and Cooper Manning (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images for Nationwide) /

Will LSU football be able to land 2023 quarterback Arch Manning?

2023 quarterback Arch Manning is going to be one of the most sought after recruits in the nation and LSU football will be front and center for his recruitment.

Manning, a New Orleans native, is as close to football royalty as you can get. His father is Cooper Manning, who had a scholarship to play wide receiver at Ole Miss. His uncles are Eli Manning (former Ole Miss quarterback) and Peyton Manning (former Tennessee quarterback). And his grandfather is Archie Manning (former Ole Miss quarterback).

The hype for Arch, who just finished his freshman season, is already getting crazy. Archie told USA Today earlier this year that Arch is a little bit ahead of where Eli and Peyton were at the same age.

As a freshman in high school, Manning tossed for 2,438 yards, 34 touchdowns, and only six interceptions.

Will it be LSU football or Ole Miss for Manning?

Cooper said this week that the Manning family is open to letting Arch go wherever he wants to go. But I think it’s fairly obvious that it’s going to come down to Ole Miss or LSU.

And LSU may have the advantage, despite the Manning family connections to Ole Miss.

“Arch has grown up around all my friends locally in New Orleans that are all LSU fans. They’ve been giving him a hard time for a long time about Baton Rouge and he’s been to a couple of games there,” said Cooper during an interview with 104.5 ESPN.

Cooper then pointed out that Arch is good friends with recent Tigers commit Walker Howard.

“Arch is friends with Walker Howard, who just committed. They’re good buddies for a long time. I know Jamie (Howard) well. They’ve got it going right now, no question. It’s exciting to see for the state and the SEC”.

I just can’t see the Mannings pushing Ole Miss on Arch. They didn’t do it with Peyton, there’s no reason for them to do it with Arch.

Plus, do they really want their son playing for Lane Kiffin?

The Mannings and Kiffin are cut from two different cloths. That’s not a relationship I see working out very well.

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It’s obviously way too early to suggest where Arch will land, but I have a good feeling about LSU’s chances with the young quarterback.