Underrated LSU football storyline for start of 2020 season

LSU football QB Myles Brennan (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
LSU football QB Myles Brennan (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

There’s an interesting storyline surrounding LSU football to start the 2020 season.

At first glance, LSU football opens the season with a not-very-exciting matchup against the University of Texas-San Antonio.

Just your typical “knock the rust off to start the season” type game, right?

Kinda, but not exactly.

There’s actually a really interesting storyline surrounding the Tigers’ season-opening matchup against UTSA.

The LSU-UTSA game will feature quarterback Myles Brennan on one side and quarterback Lowell Narcisse on the other.

Brennan and Narcisse were two of the four quarterbacks that were competing for the starting job at LSU in 2018 (which ultimately went to Joe Burrow).

A trip down memory lane for LSU football

Narcisse, a former three-star recruit, famously left LSU during fall camp in 2018 after it became apparent that Ed Orgeron favored Burrow at quarterback (quarterback Justin McMillan also left around the same time).

There was actually almost a major rift in the Tigers’ locker room because of Coach O’s preference for Burrow. Half the team preferred McMillan, which forced Orgeron to call a team meeting and explain why Burrow was going to be the guy. The meeting was met with skepticism, but eventually, the team came together.

(Fortunately for LSU, Orgeron was able to put out the fire before it really got started.)

Narcisse said in 2018 that he didn’t have any ill-will toward LSU and Orgeron, saying “I wish the Tigers nothing but the best this year. Coach O always treated me as one of his sons.”

The Louisiana native, who called LSU his dream school, noted that the Tigers coaching staff planned to use him in wildcat situations in 2018. Narcisse, however, wanted to be a starter.

At UTSA, Narcisse got that opportunity (he started seven games for the Road Runners last season).

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And on September 5, Narcisse will finally get a chance to start in Death Valley.

It’ll just be on the opposite sideline from his former teammates.