There’s one thing that can slow Joe Burrow down, but it shouldn’t be an issue

LSU football's Joe Burrow (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
LSU football's Joe Burrow (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

Former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow will have a lot of eyes on him in 2020.

Former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow wasn’t supposed to be the biggest star in the 2020 NFL Draft.

But a dominant 2019 season that saw Burrow pass for 5,671 yards, 60 touchdowns, and only six interceptions changed the way the draft played out.

Instead of Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa at the top of the draft, it was Burrow. The Cincinnati Bengals selected Burrow with the No. 1 overall pick, which led to the release of Andy Dalton. Burrow was essentially the Bengals’ starting quarterback from the moment he was drafted.

No pressure or anything.

Most analysts feel like Burrow has the goods to turn Cincinnati into a contender (the franchise hasn’t won a playoff game since January 6, 1991).

But how long will it take? And what are the hurdles?

Former Bengals starting quarterback Carson Palmer had some thoughts on that topic this week.

The one thing that could slow Joe Burrow down in 2020

Palmer, who played for Cincinnati from 2003-2010, recently discussed Burrow’s NFL outlook on The Herd. 

“Coming off the year he had, it seemed like he didn’t throw an incomplete ball,” said Palmer (via 247Sports).

The thing that could slow down Burrow?

Losing his confidence because he’s on a bad team.

“Moving from being that dominant of a team and having that many great players around you to a team that doesn’t have the horses others in the division have, you can’t let it shake your confidence,” explained Palmer.

I certainly understand where Palmer is coming from. Burrow isn’t used to losing. And he’s probably going to lose some games in 2020 because of factors that are out of his control.

The Bengals don’t have the talent to compete for a Super Bowl……yet.

Burrow will have to stay focused on getting better and being patient with his new teammates.

Of course, I don’t think that will be an issue for Burrow. His reputation as a hard worker is already well known throughout the NFL.

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And we know that Burrow brings out the best in his teammates. The Bengals may not be a contender in 2020, but it won’t be long before they’re knocking on the door of the playoffs.