LSU Football’s projected win total in 2020 according to simulation

Predictions for LSU football in 2020 have been all over the place.

Predictions for LSU football have varied wildly this spring/summer.

Some folks feel like the Tigers will finish third or fourth in the SEC, while others (like myself) believe LSU could compete for a spot in the College Football Playoff once again.

To be fair, predictions for the Tigers should be all over the place. There are a lot of question marks for LSU with a new starting quarterback, new defensive coordinator and new passing game coordinator in the mix.

The Tigers have the talent to win it all again in 2020. But the program also has the inexperience to win only nine games in 2020. It’s anyone’s guess.

That’s why simulations can be a good way to find semi-accurate projections. They remove any personal bias from the equation.

Sportsline projects LSU football’s 2020 win total

Sportsline recently simulated the 2020 season and came up with projected win totals for each team (they simulated every game of the season 10,00 times to come up with their totals).

The win total they came up with for LSU?

9.3 wins.

I think this is pretty close to being accurate.

Earlier this year, I made my game-by-game predictions for the Tigers and I have the program winning 10 games in the regular season (with losses to Auburn and Florida).

Admittedly, there are a couple of toss-up games in there for LSU that could go either way (Alabama and Texas A&M for example). A 9-3 regular season is certainly a possibility for LSU in 2020.

Ed Orgeron and the Tigers have a lot to prove in 2020. If the program gets to 10 wins after all the talent they lost to the 2020 NFL Draft, then I think it will solidify Orgeron as one of the best coaches in college football.