LSU Football: Ed Orgeron had the quote of the summer

LSU football head coach had the quote of the summer this week.

You can always count on LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron for a great quote.

Whether it’s an emphatic Go Tigers or a random soundbite, Coach O always delivers in front of the mic.

And that was the case on Wednesday during a media session with reporters.

Orgeron was asked about his LSU squad being ready for the craziness of the upcoming season.

His response was pure gold.

That quote encapsulates what makes the Tigers so good. It’s the lunchpail mentality that Orgeron has instilled in his team.

Show up, work hard, get the job done, and don’t make excuses, which is exactly what LSU does on a weekly basis.

I honestly believe that Coach O and the Tigers could show up at midnight in a pasture and drop 50 on an opponent. I don’t think his statement is hyperbole.

What will LSU football’s season look like in 2020?

While there’s no doubt that Orgeron will have LSU ready to play in 2020, the question of what the season will look like still remains.

On Wednesday, the ACC announced plans to move to a conference only schedule (plus one non-conference game).

The SEC has yet to announce their plans, though it appears that a decision is imminent. Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger reported on Wednesday that the conference is “moving closer” to a conference only 10-game schedule.

If that happens, it means LSU would play their already scheduled eight conference games, plus they’d pick up two more conference opponents. According to Dellenger, the two additional conference games would be each program’s next two scheduled rotating opponents.

For LSU, that would mean matchups against Kentucky and LSU (two games the Tigers should easily win).

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Whatever happens, LSU will be ready. Even if they have to play in a field in the middle of nowhere.