LSU Football: How would an SEC only schedule play out for the Tigers?

LSU football’s 2020 schedule will likely look a lot different than we thought it would.

For now, it’s unclear who LSU football will or won’t play in 2020.

But while we don’t know the exact details yet of the Tigers’ 2020 schedule, we at least have a good idea.

The SEC hasn’t announced their intentions for the 2020 season just yet, but Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger reported this week how things may look for LSU and the rest of the conference.

And it could be a good thing for the Tigers.

LSU football may add a couple of intriguing games that are more than winnable

According to Dellenger’s report, the SEC is “moving closer” to a 10-game conference only schedule.

That means LSU would play their eight already scheduled SEC games, plus two additional conference games.

Dellenger suggested that the two conference games could be each program’s next two scheduled rotating cross-divisional opponents.

For the Tigers that would mean games against Kentucky and Tennessee. LSU would play at Kentucky and they’d host Tennessee (in Dellenger’s proposed scenario).

Those are both games that the Tigers should easily win. Kentucky and Tennessee have definitely improved, but the talent gap is very wide. LSU shouldn’t have any issues against either program. I feel pretty confident predicting a win in both of those matchups.

As for the other games?

Well, when I made my game-by-game predictions earlier this offseason, I had LSU going 10-2 in the regular season with losses to Auburn and Florida. I’m sticking by those predictions, which means I think the Tigers would go 8-2 with a conference only schedule.

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Hopefully, the SEC will go with a plan similar to the ACC. I’d like to see the SEC get 11 games in with a non-conference matchup (against a Power-5 team) included somehow.

But at this point, I’ll take whatever we get. I just want to see football this fall.

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