LSU Football: Great sign that Myles Brennan will succeed as Tigers’ starting QB

LSU football will hand over the offense in 2020 to redshirt junior quarterback Myles Brennan.

LSU football‘s Myles Brennan has the unenviable task of following in Joe Burrow’s footsteps as the Tigers’ starting quarterback.

While LSU head coach Ed Orgeron has made it clear this offseason that Brennan doesn’t need to perform at a Burrow-like level, we all know that the two quarterbacks will be compared often this season.

And no matter what Brennan does, he’s almost certainly going to fall short of Burrow’s ridiculous 2019 stat line.

But that’s ok. Brennan doesn’t need to throw for 5,000 yards for the Tigers to win the SEC West or reach the College Football Playoff again (assuming the playoff happens as scheduled).

The Tigers just need Brennan to perform well and get the ball into the hands of the team’s playmakers.

Specifically, Brennan just needs to get the ball to junior wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase (the best wide receiver in the nation).

A sign that Myles Brennan will be successful as LSU football’s quarterback

Everyone knows that Brennan has the physical abilities to succeed in Baton Rouge. In fact, Brennan has a better arm than Burrow.

But success in the SEC is about more than just physical abilities. It’s about preparation, leadership, and the ability to adapt on the field in the midst of adversity.

LSU’s coaching staff believes Brennan has the ability to adapt. And it’s something he’s been showing during summer workouts.

Geaux247’s Sonny Shipp reported this week that he’s “heard good things about Myles Brennan’s ability to read a defense and make quick decisions on where his best read is”.

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That’s huge for the Tigers. One thing that holds first-time starters back sometimes is their tendency to lock onto their first read, which often leads to an interception.

It sounds like that won’t be the case with Brennan, which is great news for Coach O and LSU.

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