LSU Football: How Ed Orgeron proved he cares more about his players than winning

LSU football’s head coach Ed Orgeron truly cares about his players.

Nearly every time a recruit discusses LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron, the word “family” is mentioned.

That’s because of the incredible family-first culture that Coach O has built in Baton Rouge. It’s something that permeates through the program.

The family atmosphere at LSU isn’t just lip service. It’s not a tool that Orgeron and his staff use to lure recruits to Baton Rouge. It’s legitimate. And Coach O’s actions this week prove it.

This past weekend, Tigers tight end Jamal Pettigrew entered the transfer portal. Pettigrew, a former four-star recruit who signed with LSU during the 2016 recruiting cycle, hasn’t seen much action during his time as a Tiger.

The New Orleans native has two receptions for 17 yards during his collegiate career. It’s clear that he’s not near the top of the Tigers’ depth chart, which is why he’s transferring.

Coach O gets it. That’s why he’s leaving the door open to a reunion with Pettigrew.

LSU football’s Ed Orgeron wants what’s best for the player

On Tuesday, during an interview with 104.5 in Baton Rouge, Orgeron made it clear that he supports Pettigrew looking around. And if Pettigrew doesn’t find a good landing spot, he’s welcome to come back to LSU.

“I told him go test the waters. If there’s something that fits you, great. If not, come back”, said Orgeron on Tuesday (via Brooks Kubena).

That approach proves to recruits and their families that LSU cares deeply about the players they sign. Orgeron and his staff truly want to develop young athletes into great men. And sometimes that might mean that they need to move on from the Tigers.

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Either way, Coach O is there for those players. And I think that says a lot about who Orgeron is as a person.

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