LSU Football: Ed Orgeron speaks about 2020 season on Fox News

LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron took to Fox News to make a plea to play.

LSU football head coach Ed Orgeron shares the mindset of his players — he wants the Tigers to play in 2020.

Coach O took to Fox News on Tuesday to make it clear that LSU is preparing to play. And win.

“The majority of our football players want to play…We’re preparing to play. We’re preparing to win,” said Orgeron on Tuesday (via David Hookstead).

I wouldn’t expect any less from Orgeron — he’s ready to play any time, any place, any opponent.

Unfortunately for Coach O, and his players, the ultimate decision to play won’t be up to LSU.

It will be up to the SEC. And how the coronavirus pandemic is handled in the coming months/weeks.

The plan is for LSU football to play in 2020

For now, the plan for the Tigers, and the rest of the SEC, is to play the ten-game conference only schedule that was announced last week.

Texas A&M athletic director Ross Bjork told Texas Longhorns reporter Brian Davis on Tuesday that he believes the SEC will play in 2020. Bjork acknowledged, however, that the next few weeks could be tough.

“I believe there’s a pathway forward that we’ve outlined. Is it going to be bumpy and rocky over the next few weeks, it probably will be. But we have a plan. We need to stick to it,” said Bjork (via Brian Davis).

Even if the season happens and all ten games are played, it won’t be easy. Bjork is right, there will definitely be some bumps along the way. Positives tests are going to happen.

But will there be massive outbreaks? That’s what programs have to find a way to avoid if they want the season to happen in its entirety.