How Joe Burrow’s demeanor is having a major impact on the Cincinnati Bengals’ offense

Former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow is making quite an impression with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Look, we’ve been over it a thousand times by now — former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow is expected to be the savior of the Cincinnati Bengals.

That’s why Cincinnati made him the No. 1 selection in the 2020 NFL Draft. There was never another choice for the Bengals — it was always going to be Burrow.

So when you hear that Burrow is excelling during training camp, it’s not unexpected. Sure, it’s nice for Bengals fans to hear. But it’s what fans, and the team, was expecting to happen.

However, there are still some things Burrow can do that are unexpected. And one of those things is the way he’s already affecting the mentality of the Bengals’ offense.

Joe Burrow is making football fun for the Bengals

Football (and sports in general) is supposed to be fun. It’s why kids start playing sports at a young age. And it’s why they continuing playing through high school. It’s work, but it’s fun.

Once players get to college, and eventually the NFL, football becomes a job. And like any job, the fun can be sucked out of it. And when a job isn’t fun, it’s hard to perform that job at the highest level.

Burrow is making football fun again for Cincinnati. And it’s not just because of his elite abilities, it’s because of the way he approaches the game.

Check out what Bengals tight end CJ Uzomah had to say about Burrow after a recent practice.

From The Athletic:

He’s getting us in and out of all the right protections and making all the right checks. And certain checks, I didn’t even know we were allowed to check into. He’s like, ‘Why not? Go out there and do this. Come in here and do this.’ It’s been a lot of fun, honestly. It’s been a lot of fun to build a relationship with him, to build that chemistry with him and see how he operates and how he wants certain routes on certain coverages. He’s the real deal, I will say that.”

A rookie coming in and having that type of impact on the culture of an NFL team isn’t just crazy — it’s unheard of. Rookies aren’t supposed to do what Burrow is doing.

But that’s why Burrow is such a special player. There aren’t many football players on earth like him.

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And that’s why the Bengals never considered taking anyone else in the 2020 NFL Draft.