LSU Football: Jabril Cox makes insane prediction for Tigers true freshman

LSU football linebacker Jabril Cox made an insane prediction for Tigers true freshman Arik Gilbert.

I’ve heard some wild LSU football predictions over the last several months, but Tigers linebacker Jabril Cox’s prediction about true freshman tight end Arik Gilbert on Thursday could be the most insane prediction of them all.

Cox said on Thursday that he believes it’s possible that Gilbert could end up being the best tight end to ever play in college.

“If he continues to get better, he can be the best tight end to ever play college football,” said Cox (via Brody Miller).

It’s not that I think Cox is crazy for saying this (Gilbert is certainly extremely talented), it’s just rare to hear this kind of prediction from anyone.

LSU football could have the best true freshman in the nation

Cox didn’t make his Gilbert prediction on Thursday on a whim. And he didn’t make it just to give Gilbert confidence.

The former North Dakota State linebacker made the prediction because he’s seen first hand how hard it is to cover Gilbert.

Cox said covering Gilbert in practice is like covering former Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson (one of the all-time great wide receivers in the NFL, who was built kind of like a tight end).

I’ve said all offseason that Gilbert could be the most dangerous weapon in college football this year. He’s too fast for a linebacker to cover (by the way, Cox is pretty fast for a linebacker), and he’s too big for a defensive back to cover.

We still need to see how Gilbert will actually perform in games, but so far he’s delivering on the five-star hype.

Cox’s prediction may be insane, but it also has a very good chance of being correct.