LSU Football: Could 2023 QB Arch Manning play another sport in college?

LSU football is among the programs hoping to land 2023 quarterback Arch Manning.

LSU football, along with nearly every other program in the southeast, is hoping to eventually a commitment from 2023 quarterback Arch Manning.

Manning, of course, is the son of Cooper Manning, the grandson of former Ole Miss/New Orleans Saints quarterback Archie Manning and the nephew of Eli Manning and Peyton Manning.

In other words, he’s football royalty.

The New Orleans native, who is rated by 247Sports as the No. 1 2023 pro-style quarterback in the nation and the No. 5 overall recruit, has three years of high school left. And the Manning family isn’t in a hurry to expose Arch to the wild world of recruiting.

For now, Cooper and the rest of the Mannings just want Arch to enjoy playing high school football. The recruiting stuff can wait.

The Mannings are so hands-off when it comes to Arch and recruiting, in fact, that Cooper isn’t even 100 percent sure that football will be his son’s sport at the next level.

Could Arch Manning play another sport in college?

Cooper appeared last week on The Ole Miss Spirit’s Talk of Champions podcast and he discussed Arch’s recruitment.

“No (school’s) winning or losing or gaining traction, it’s just a kid who wants to be a 10th-grader and kind of out of the limelight the best he can,” said Cooper (via 247Sports). “Obviously considering the situation that’s difficult, but he just wants to play”.

“If Arch wants to pivot and go play baseball at Rutgers, that’s certainly an option. There’s no pressure. He doesn’t feel any pressure. He just wants to be a regular guy,” added Cooper.

Now, I would be absolutely shocked if Arch pivoted away from football to play any other sport — especially baseball (according to Max Preps, the only other sport Arch plays in high school is basketball).

But I guess you never know. Crazier things have happened. And it’s clear that if that’s what Arch wanted to do, his family would support him.

And it’s because of that support, and the pressure-free enviroment the Mannings are trying to create, that I think Arch will stick with football and end up being the top 2023 recruit in the nation.

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By the way, I still feel like LSU should be the favorite to land Arch. The pressure to play at Ole Miss might be too much for Arch. And playing in Baton Rouge, which is much closer to home for Arch, could be too tempting to pass up.

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