LSU Football: The Myles Brennan/Joe Burrow stat that everyone is missing

LSU football QB Myles Brennan (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
LSU football QB Myles Brennan (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

Quarterback Myles Brennan made his first career start for LSU football this past weekend.

It’s been said time and time again, but it’s something that bears repeating — LSU football quarterback Myles Brennan is not Joe Burrow.

Brennan, who is in his first season as the Tigers’ starting quarterback, is in a tough situation this season. Replacing Burrow, who had one of the greatest seasons ever by a college football player in 2019, is an impossible task.

The redshirt junior quarterback is going to be constantly compared to Burrow all season.

LSU head coach Ed Orgeron, in fact, is already comparing the two. Coach O said this week that Brennan needs to be more like Burrow and get rid of the ball quicker (he’s not wrong, by the way).

Comparing Brennan to the 2019 version of Burrow isn’t fair for a lot of reasons (one of those reasons being that LSU had a lot more talent in 2019 than they do in 2020).

One of the main reasons it isn’t fair is because the 2019 version of Burrow had a year of experience at LSU under his belt before he took the college football world by storm last season.

If Brennan is going to be compared to Burrow, it should be the 2018 version of Burrow.

LSU football’s Myles Brennan accomplished a feat considerably faster than Burrow did

Brennan wasn’t able to lead the Tigers to a win in the season-opener against Mississippi State, but he still had a nice game. Brennan tossed for 345 yards and three touchdowns (along with two interceptions).

In Burrow’s first two starts at LSU, he passed for 291 combined yards.

Burrow didn’t throw for over 300 yards until the 11th game of the 2018 season (307 yards against Rice). His season-high didn’t come until the final game of the season (394 yards against Central Florida in the Fiesta Bowl). Burrow didn’t throw for over 300 yards against an SEC opponent in 2018.

I think that’s an important stat for Tigers fans to remember.

Brennan will probably never be Burrow. And maybe he doesn’t lead the program to a 15-0 record in 2021.

But he’s still on the path to greatness.

Nothing I saw in week one changes my opinion that Brennan is the right quarterback for LSU.

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In fact, I feel even more confident he’s the guy after week one.

The stats back it up.