LSU Football: How the trajectory of the Tigers’ program may have changed this week

LSU football vs Missouri Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports
LSU football vs Missouri Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports /

LSU football is off to a 1-2 start in 2020.

The goal for LSU football in 2020 isn’t to win a championship, it’s to prove the program has staying power under head coach Ed Orgeron.

LSU wants to show it can string together championships like Alabama, and not be considered a one year wonder like the 2010 Auburn Tigers.

But after a 1-2 start, there’s been more comparison to Gene Chizik than Nick Saban.

There’s no doubt it’s been a tough start to the season for the Tigers. LSU’s defense has been historically bad through the first three games of the season. And there’s no easy fix beyond “simplifying things” (which isn’t as simple as it sounds).

Fortunately for Coach O and the Tigers, the program is getting a bit of a reprieve this week. And it could change the trajectory of the program.

LSU football is at a crossroads.

I hate to sound apocalyptic, but LSU is at a bit of a crossroads right now.

It takes years to build a great culture at a program. But that great culture can disappear incredibly quickly when times start getting tough. It’s easy to get players to buy in when things are working. When things aren’t working so well, however, it can be a tough task.

That’s the point that Orgeron is at right now. The problems with Bo Pelini’s defense need to get fixed. If they don’t, LSU risks missing on several top recruiting targets that are in play at other programs like Alabama and Georgia.

And once recruiting goes south, it’s usually not long before the rest of the program follows.

That’s why it’s a good thing for LSU that this week’s game against Florida was postponed. Obviously no one wants to see positive COVID-19 tests popping up for the Gators, but it’s the reality we’re living in right now. It’s something that’s completely out of LSU’s control, so it’s important that the program turns this off week into something productive.

This unexpected off week will give Pelini and LSU a chance to hit the reset button. It also allows the program to avoid facing Florida — one of the best offenses in the nation — when the Tigers’ defense is struggling.

The last thing LSU needs is to give up 50-60 points to Florida on national television. That certainly won’t help recruiting. The Tigers still may lose the rescheduled game against Florida in December, but the defense should be fixed by then. A decent showing against a prolific offense will at least show recruits that the program is on the right track after losing a ridiculous amount of talent from the 2019 national championship team.

And If it’s not fixed, then LSU has some major problems that need to be addressed (like getting a new defensive coordinator).

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I believe in Coach O and LSU. But what I believe doesn’t matter. It’s all about what recruits believe.

The postponed game against Florida is going to give the Tigers a huge opportunity to make the program look more attractive to recruits after a tough start.

Orgeron and LSU would be wise to not let this opportunity pass them by.