LSU Football: Top 5 Tigers wide receivers of all time

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LSU football has had some tremendous wide receivers over the years.

A lot of schools like to make a claim that they’re “wide receiver U”, but it might be LSU football that could make the best case.

I’m sure plenty of rival SEC fan bases will take issue with that statement (sorry Tennessee, you haven’t been a factor in this conversation for over 10 years), but it’s really not that hard to prove.

Former Tigers wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr and Jarvis Landry are two of the best wide receivers in the NFL today and they’re not even on this list.

That’s how much talent LSU’s had at wide receiver over the years.

And there’s just going to be more talent added to the list in the coming years. The Tigers have been stocking up on five-star wide receivers in the last few recruiting class, so the case for LSU being the true “wide receiver U” is only going to get stronger over the next few seasons.

(Side note: If you’re an elite quarterback or wide receiver, why would you want to go anywhere else?!?!)

But that’s enough chatter. Let’s get to the list. We start with a wide receiver who just left Baton Rouge.

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