LSU Football: Joe Burrow did something a rookie has never done before

Former LSU football QB Joe Burrow Mandatory Credit: Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports
Former LSU football QB Joe Burrow Mandatory Credit: Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports /

Former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow is off to a red hot start in the NFL.

Former LSU football quarterback Joe Burrow wasn’t able to lead the Cincinnati Bengals to a win over the Cleveland Browns this past weekend, but it wasn’t for lack of effort on his part.

The Bengals fell 37-34 to the Browns in a thrilling back and forth matchup. Burrow did all he could to will Cincinnati to a win, including doing something a rookie quarterback has never done before.

According to ESPN’s Field Yates, Burrow is the only rookie quarterback to ever throw for 400 yards in a game while also throwing for three touchdowns and rushing for a touchdown.

That’s an impressive feat, considering we’ve seen mega-rookie seasons over the last decade from players like Cam Newton and Andrew Luck.

It just shows how much talent Burrow possesses. But it also shows us something else — it’s going to take more than Burrow to save the Bengals.

Joe Burrow can only do so much

Burrow has played exceptionally well so far this season for Cincinnati. He’s done everything you’d expect from a No. 1 overall pick and then some.

Not only has Burrow been good statistically, but he’s already earned the respect of his teammates as one of the leaders of the team.

But despite Burrow’s success on and off the field, the Bengals are still only 1-5-1 this season.

The franchise, as has often been the case over the last several decades, needs a lot more than just a quarterback to be successful. Cincinnati’s offensive line needs a major makeover. And the defense clearly has some issues after giving up 37 points to the Browns.

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Hopefully the Bengals can figure it out because I’m not the only one that’s going to be incredibly mad if they completely waste a stud like Joe Burrow.